Saturday, May 23, 2009

1989 "Major League" Movie Cards and/or Set

Forgive me if this looks stupid. It's my first post on here and I'm not sure what font sizes to use on the posters.

I'm looking for any/all information leading to the procurement of any or all cards featured in the 1989 "Major League" Movie card set. This card set is rumored to not even exist. Let's prove it does! I am willing to offer up cold, hard cash; autographed cards; game-used cards; inserts; etc.

Reward is completely negotiable upon proof of the set's very existence. Proof includes, but may not be limited to the following: scan(s) of the card(s), photo(s) of actual person holding actual card(s), card sent to my home address for my own verification purposes.

This set is Number 1 most wanted in the Tribecards area. Collectors should proceed with caution.

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